The Big Number Trick at Roulette

Roulette and craps are probably the two oldest games that are now found in our modern casinos and on any online casino. Actually, dice games were played all the way back to Caesar’s time – and perhaps even further into the past than that.

Those bones people rolled were from sheep and (wait for it) sometimes from humans – and roulette of a type goes just as far into the past. Heck, shields could be used for more than just shielding oneself. Soldiers needed their games to play and those spinning shields could give a lot of enjoyment without worrying about being killed by an enemy.

Roulette Tricks and Systems


First things first: What is the difference between a gambling system and a gambling trick? Actually not much. I look at gambling systems as a more complicated type of approach to a game such as roulette. I think of a roulette trick as a shorter, simpler method of approaching a game. One requires a certain type of discipline to follow; the other is short and sweet and not very taxing.

One of the most enjoyable of my roulette tricks is the utilization of a Big Number roulette strategy. This is a straight number strategy where you bet directly on the chosen number or numbers.

Take a look at any roulette scoreboard, those that usually show the last 20 numbers that hit, and what do you almost always see? That’s right; some number or numbers have repeated. Don’t get too excited; this is not unusual; in fact, it is usual in any random game of which roulette is one. Numbers do tend to repeat even in such short lengths as 20 spins. Read more

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